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Mist fogger is one of our newly developed products,with smartness, small weight and easy operation, which can be used for preventing and curing disease and insect pest for factory, field, toliet, farmland, Vinyl, classroom and buildings etc.

Type          Mini Fogging Machine           
weight 1.35kg (empty)  3kg (max)
Fuel Butane gas(Not included)          
Dimension L500×W175×H420mm
Fuel Tank Diesel(2.8L)
Chemical Tank Water+Chemical
Semi Fog Diesel+Chemical
Ignition Press the ignition button
Fuel Consumption App. 500ml/Hr
Solution Output 1.5L/Hr



Less coil clogging

No corrosion of pump

Better chemical effects

Expanding usages

Securing the sight

Main Features

1) Simple structure, easy in installation and maintenance. 

2) It is better for securing the sight because the mist made of water only. . 

3) The chemical is supply by the special chemical pipe, in order to avoid of heating.  

4)  Easy to carry and easy to operate.

Less coil clogging





1.35 kg

Packaging details

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If any other requirements,we can communicate with each other.

20GP quantity

680 sets